In Quebec, an attacker in a medieval costume stabbed two people with a sword and wounded five – Abroad – News

The attack took place on Halloween night in Quebec’s Old Town.

On suspicion of assault, police have detained an approximately 25-year-old man who has been taken to hospital for evaluation.

Police have stated that the motive for the attack is likely to be personal.

Five victims have been hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

The newspaper “Le Soleil”, referring to three eyewitnesses, reported that the assailant cut the throat of the first victim near the hotel “Chateau Frontenac”. He then went on to the old port, killing another man along the way. He injured other victims in the port area.

The suspect has been identified, but police have not yet revealed his name. It is also unknown whether he has come to the attention of the police in the past.

Le Soleil reported that the man had planned the attack for a year and a half and had surrendered himself to the police after the murders.



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