In Rambouillet, a national tribute paid to Stéphanie Monfeture – Liberation

“This morning, our sobs form a single death knell.” It is by quoting Aragon that the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, chose to pay a national tribute this Friday in Rambouillet (Yvelines) to Stéphanie Monfeture, administrative agent of 49 years, victim of a fatal knife attack in the police station where she was working on April 23. The Prime Minister, accompanied by government spokesman Gabriel Attal, as well as five other ministers, denounced the“Bloody insult thrown in the face of all those who believe in a god”. He pointed out “The immense fear in which the ignoble crime of Rambouillet plunged us: any death is one death too many because any attack against the Republic is an unacceptable wound for the national community”.

“She played an essential role”

The ceremony was held on an esplanade near the police station where the assailant appeared to kill Stéphanie Monfeture with two stab wounds, in the entrance hall of the police station. A large black and white portrait of the administrative officer was solemnly carried by the police. Before his speech, Jean Castex decorated the victim with the Legion of Honor posthumously. She was originally from Coutances, in Manche, and had settled twenty years ago with her baker husband in Saint-Léger-en-Yvelines. She had worked at the Rambouillet police station for twenty-eight years, first in a service managing in particular traffic offenses, then in the judicial secretariat.

“It is this precise and daily work of data processing which allows investigators to make the cross-checks and reconciliations essential to a modern and effective security policy, a work carried out today by nearly 25,000 administrative police officers. national “, underlined Jean Castex. “She played an essential role, notably in the processing of complaints, instructions from the prosecution and in the transmission of information which enables the police to improve their knowledge of crime. And thus to have tangible elements on the operating methods, the places, the victims, the profile of the delinquents. […] Stéphanie also represented a certain way of living in France, a certain way of living in France: this peaceful, hard-working and helpful life that our fellow citizens know as well as they love it ”, he continued.

“Excessive and demagogic simplifications”

The Prime Minister wanted to warn against “Abusive and demagogic simplifications”. “Everyone understands the difficulty of the task, especially since we can see that the attacks of which France is the target stem in large part from its categorical refusal of communitarianism, from its constantly reaffirmed desire to fight against all forms of separatism” , he argued. “Paying tribute to Stéphanie, as to all victims of fanatic terrorists, is to constantly continue to act, to strengthen our prevention and surveillance tools”, he added, stressing that a new anti-terrorism bill must be examined in the coming weeks in Parliament. President Emmanuel Macron was present Thursday at the funeral – private – of the official.

A hundred personalities and elected officials gathered nearby, noted an AFP journalist. Among them were Valérie Pécresse (Libres! Ex-LR), Marine Le Pen (RN), Olivier Faure (PS), Laurent Saint-Martin, Aurore Bergé (LREM) or even Clémentine Autain (LFI). This assassination took place in the Yvelines department, already marked by the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty six months ago and by the assassination of a couple of police officers in 2016.