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In Risaralda health and well-being are promoted

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The network of health service providers, grouped in Risaralda Comfort Health, promotes tourism, health and well-being, in a task that attracts national and international markets for the city and the region.

A commercial mission to Miami is planned with the Municipal Government to promote the services offered by the Cluster.

Economic development and the strengthening of tourism in Pereira also go hand in hand with health, since the presence of Colombians and foreigners is increasingly noticeable, attracted by health services with quality standards.

Mayor Carlos Maya and the Secretary of Economic Development and Competitiveness, Mario León Ossa, met with several members of the Board of Directors of the Health cluster to support the work that hundreds of its professionals carry out in Pereira.

At the meeting, doctors Carlos Alberto López, Jorge Ramírez Spain, Carlos Arturo Salazar, Ricardo Gómez Ossa and the executive director of the cluster, Catherine Arango Slingsby, explained that there are many economic benefits for the city and for the region that arise from the health services they offer.

To explain it, they said that a couple that arrives in Pereira for two weeks for a fertility treatment, for example, can leave about 10 thousand dollars in the city, represented in transport (air and land), hotel, gastronomy, tourism, shopping. , specialized transportation, medical supplies and the treatment itself.

As a Health cluster, Risaralda Comfort Health integrates tourism, health and wellness providers in the region, promotes cooperation between institutions, offers a unified portfolio of tourism, health and wellness providers and contributes to the international projection of the region.

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“We know of the health boom as a factor of economic reactivation, thanks to the fact that in the city and in the department we have high-quality professionals; Colombians living abroad and foreigners themselves prefer to access health services in the country because their costs are lower compared to other nations, and we as a region have a great opportunity, because along with medical or aesthetic treatment, there is tourism, and of course, the economic reactivation of the city ”, explained the Secretary of Economic Development and Competitiveness of Pereira, Mario León Ossa.

For her part, the executive director of the Risaralda Comfort Health cluster, Catherine Arango Slingsby, explained that “health moves the economy a lot because the value chain of medical tourism has many services involved, which implies that users spend money on the city and, therefore, generates economic growth and contributes to employment; for a fertility treatment, a couple can invest $ 10,000 in two weeks, but there are other medical procedures with different values, which do not stop generating income for the city ”.


The health services grouped in Risaralda Comfort Health are: Gynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, human fertility, cardiology, nutrition, hotels, clinical laboratory, holistic therapies, clinics, integral detoxification center, dermatology, optometry, specialized transport, thermalism, radiology and diagnostic imaging, tour operators, pulmonology, spa, oral and maxillofacial surgery, physical rehabilitation, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, allergology, plastic surgery, pediatric rheumatology, rheumatology, specialized dentistry and neurology.

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