In Russia, a 10-year-old hockey player beat the referee with a stick

Russian sport breaks another bottom. A glaring incident occurred during a children’s hockey tournament in Yekaterinburg – a young goalkeeper of one of the teams beat the referee.

Hockey goalkeeper Artemy Akshumov “became famous” in social networks after he suddenly attacked the referee during the match and hit him several times with a stick. Obviously, it is common for Russians to turn sports competitions into a massacre – previously a mass brawl happened at the pankration tournament in Moscow.

The scandalous incident on hockey in Yekaterinburg occurred at the end of the third period. Ten-year-old goalkeeper of the second team DYUSSH-19 Akshumov was dissatisfied with the remark made to him by the referee.

Since by that time Artemy’s team was losing with a score of 1:10, the young goalkeeper could not restrain his emotions and decided to take out his anger on the referees. First, a 10-year-old hockey player hit one judge with his fist, and then caught up with another and beat him several times with a stick, including on the head.

At the same time, not only the behavior of the hooligan goalkeeper is stunning, but also the reaction of the match commentator, who burst into loud laughter and sincerely enjoyed what was happening on the ice.

“Artemy boils over and just beat the judge with his fist. He can’t stand it, he hits right on the hump, between the shoulder blades. What a gesture! Wow! This is Uralmash, baby!” – the commentator shouted live.

Earlier, TSN Prosport reported that Russian and Belarusian clubs suspended from participating in the Basketball Champions League.

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