In Russia, Haval crossovers have significantly fallen in price

From now on, prices for Haval Jolion range from 2,029,000 to 2,519,000 rubles, pre-styling Haval F7 cost from 2,459,000 to 2,959,000 rubles, for the updated “sevens” they ask from 2,569,000 to 3,249,000 rubles. Kupeobrazny Haval F7x is still more expensive than counterparts with a conventional body for 50-70 thousand rubles.

The Chinese Automobiles portal notes that despite the July price cut, the price lists did not return to the February levels. Since the end of winter, Haval crossovers have risen in price by 27-36 percent, and the Haval H9 SUV has become 35-40 percent more expensive.