In Russia, new turn of the screw against the “promotion” of LGBT

After the adoption of new amendments to the law banning LGBT “propaganda”, the “gay” community in Russia expects increased repression. A fashion designer in Makhachkala, a large city in the south of the country, has just been prosecuted after one of her fashion shows was filmed without her knowledge by a passerby. Elnara Askerova soon received threats from local residents. Result: the designer is now prosecuted for the “promotion” of LGBT to children.

“The darkness spread by the United States and European countries”

The scope of this type of prosecution has now been extended. The deputies of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, indeed adopted this Thursday, November 24 amendments which extend the possibilities of legal recourse against LGBT “propaganda” in the media, advertising, literature, cinema and on the Internet. . These provisions notably restrict access to information on paid services. “This law will protect our children and the future of this country from the darkness spread by the United States and European countries. We have our own traditions and values,” hammered the president of the Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin.

These amendments, which are added to the 2013 text, target “the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” to all audiences. Everything is in the word “promotion”, leaving justice the freedom to interpret the application of this term, and therefore of the law. As in the case of Elnara Askerova in Makhachkala, the slightest pretext can now be used to open an investigation.

Up to two years in prison

For the amendments to have the force of law, they still need to be validated by the upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, and then be signed by President Vladimir Putin. A simple formality. None of the three successive readings in the Duma gave rise to a real public debate.

“All this only increases the climate of indignation and repression, confusion and fear”, confides a defender of the rights of homosexuals. Discretion and anonymity are required: the new law provides for fines of 10 million rubles (around €160,000) and up to two years in prison. The climate of discrimination is all the stronger as this same law mixes in its amendments prohibitions on the “promotion” of pedophilia and gender change, making a dangerous amalgamation with the LGBT cause.

This hardening comes in the midst of a “special operation” in Ukraine, at a time when the Kremlin is presenting itself as a defender of “traditional” values ​​against a supposedly decadent West. In his speech of September 30, President Vladimir Putin thus accused the West of « satanism ».

In the Moscow cultural world, some have returned to resistance. Or gone abroad. “It is no longer possible to stay in Russia under the current circumstances.slips on a secure telephone line Irina, a young actress. In our shows, we showed gays and lesbians. And we defended values ​​other than those of the Kremlin. »