Russia announced on Saturday May 2 that it has registered almost 10,000 new coronavirus patients in the past 24 hours, a record infection rate for a single day for the country.

Moscow, the main focus of the epidemic

The number of Covid-19 patients jumped from 9,623 to 124,054, according to government figures. Fifty-seven people have died in the past 24 hours, bringing the total dead to 1,222, an official death rate remaining limited compared to other countries such as Italy, Spain or the United States .

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobianin, for his part indicated on his blog, citing the result of screening tests carried out on various population groups, that approximately 2% of the inhabitants of the capital _or more than 250,000 people_ are reached by the Covid-19.

The capital, with 62,658 cases of coronavirus patients, is by far the main focus of the epidemic in Russia, with Saint Petersburg, the country’s second city. The Moscow population officially represents 12.7 million people, but the real figures are undoubtedly higher.

Increase in number of infected children

Sergei Sobyanin said that Moscow has significantly increased its ability to test residents in recent weeks, as the city has successfully “Contain the spread of the epidemic” by strengthening containment rules and other measures. But he reiterated, however, that Moscow has not yet passed the peak of the epidemic. “The threat continues to grow”, according to the mayor.

The Russian Minister of Health said on Friday May 1 that the number of infected children was increasing. In fact, two children have died from the coronavirus in the country, and the condition of 11 others is considered to be worrying, he added.

Within government, cases are multiplying. On Thursday April 30, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Michoustin announced during a videoconference with President Vladimir Putin that he was infected. He was hospitalized in solitary confinement, and his deputy Andrei Belooussov was appointed acting prime minister by Vladimir Putin.

A situation ” difficult “

Friday, May 1, it was the turn of the Minister of Construction, Vladimir Yakouchev, to announce that he too had contracted the coronavirus. He was hospitalized. His deputy was also diagnosed with coronavirus disease.

Vladimir Putin ruled on Tuesday ” difficult “, believing that the peak of infections had not yet been reached. However, it considered possible a gradual lifting of containment from May 12 depending on the region.


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