In Russia, the start of a week’s break to stop the spread of the virus

The Kremlin has imposed a week’s vacation on the entire Russian workforce to stop the Covid-19 epidemic. It starts this Saturday and continues until November 7.

A week off began across Russia on Saturday. This is a measure aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19 in the most bereaved country in Europe. According to an official report published on Saturday, 40,251 new cases of coronavirus have been identified in the past 24 hours, the highest number since the start of the pandemic.

Moscow in the lead

Russian President Vladimir Putin last week declared a nationwide period of non-operation from October 30 to November 7 to break the chain of pollution. Moscow is the capital and the worst outbreak of all time – this period, including the shutdown of non-essential services and the containment of the most vulnerable segments of the unvaccinated and the population over 60 – is already Thursday . Recently, several records of daily infections and deaths from Covid-19 were broken in the midst of the epidemic due to delayed vaccination and weak health restrictions.

After strict containment in spring 2020, authorities refused to re-detain to limit economic losses, despite a new wave of epidemics. The rapid spread of Covid-19 is also driven by the low vaccination rate of the Russian population against a background of widespread mistrust of local sera.

Only 32.5% of Russians fully vaccinated

According to official statistics, Russia has several uniquely designed vaccines, but only 32.5% of the estimated 144 million Russians are fully vaccinated. The Kremlin is also worried about the explosive increase in travel and vacations planned by Russians this week during the nonworking week.

In total, Russia has officially registered 8,472,797 coronavirus cases and 237,380 deaths to date. However, the total number of victims of the pandemic in Russia reached nearly 450,000 at the end of September, according to Rossstat, a statistical agency which has a broader definition of deaths linked to the virus. This latest unofficial record makes Russia the fourth worst affected country in the world after the United States, Brazil and India.

In Russia, the start of a week’s break to stop the spread of the virus

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