The association of auto-passenger carriers has filed a class action suit for the BlaBlaCar search service for fellow travelers. This is reported on the organization's website.

The carrier “Transline”, joined by 27 individual entrepreneurs and companies, accuses the service of assisting illegal carriers. According to them, BlaBlaCar allows you to avoid paying taxes and reduce security costs, while commercial transportation is disguised as “joint transportation” and income is “fuel cost compensation”.

Plaintiffs complain that the growth of the “fellow travelers” market is “due to catastrophic damage to the bus transportation market. Over the past three years, the outflow of passengers from bus stations and carriers to "fellow travelers" amounted to about 20 percent. " According to them, BlaBlaCar already has more than 15 million users, and every year their number grows by 50 percent.

“In the current situation, legal participants in the market for the provision of road transport services to the population are becoming uncompetitive,” the carriers conclude.

In July, BlaBlaCar proposed to consolidate the concept of “carpooling” in legislation – sharing a car for a trip planned by the driver for its own purposes. The service proposed banning the use of travel fees, with the exception of fuel and operating costs, and did not consider the business of transporting passengers once a day.

The French service BlaBlaCar brings together drivers and passengers and allows you to find those who follow the same route. In Russia, the company began to work in February 2014, and in September 2016 announced the introduction of a fee for booking a place in the car.

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