In Seine-Saint-Denis, the vaccination centers will go well in summer time due to lack of refueling

The regional health agency (ARS) announced it at the beginning of last week: the 31 vaccination centers in Seine-Saint-Denis will remain open this summer, unlike those in the other departments of Île-de-France. By way of comparison, 85% of centers will not close their doors in Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise, 70% in Paris and… less than one in two in Yvelines. This “business continuity plan” aims to guarantee a sufficient supply, taking into account the leave for caregivers and the desire of certain elected officials to recover the premises made available.

But the lower proportion of vaccinated inhabitants in the 93 – 34.2% had received the first injection on June 20, against 47.6% in all of France – has led to no closure for the moment being announced. The incidence and positivity rates are also slightly higher than average.

Some voices demanded it, however. “Health professionals asked us to close the center at the end of June but we told them that it was not possible,” explains the mayor (DVD) of Neuilly-sur-Marne, Zartoshte Bakhtiari. On the other hand, we will organize ourselves differently. “Because in his city as in others, the vaccination boxes are no longer full. The elected representative thinks of closing his center two days a week from mid-July. “Sunday slots are used very little. We vaccinated 19 people on June 13 and 12 a week later. For this, we make eight people work for a whole day: six municipal officers, a nurse, a doctor, he explains. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. “

Same feeling in the largest city of Seine-Saint-Denis: “We mobilize more than 70 agents of the city permanently at the vaccinodrome of the Stade de France, details Katy Bontinck, health assistant at the town hall (PS) of Saint- Denis. It is completely assumed in terms of public health. But if ten people stay until 9 p.m. for ten injections, that’s unreasonable. “During the summer, the giant center – where 4,000 daily injections are still carried out – should remain open at the same times but vaccination lines will be” relocated “in neighborhoods or during festive events, such as in the summer village of the park. of the Legion of Honor.

The “go to” devices, on the model of that of the Seine-Saint-Denis health insurance, are strongly encouraged during the summer. With or without the help of the CPAM, they multiply in Montfermeil, Montreuil Romainville …

“We are getting into the hard”

In Saint-Denis, a first operation “at the foot of the building” took place this week in the Sémard district, in partnership with the CPAM. “We vaccinated 70 people who would never have come to the Stade de France. They came because the friendly tenants knew how to reassure them, continues Katy Bontinck. We are not facing conspirators but “wait and see”: they have not planned to travel this summer, they want to have more perspective, they consider that they could fall ill even if they are vaccinated … And these devices of ultra-proximity do not refuel either. Vaccination is clearly marking time, you have to deploy very strong energy. “

“We hit everyone who was easy to hit. Now we are getting into the hard “, we confirm in the town hall of Romainville. “For three weeks, we have not filled,” also assures the assistant (PCF) health Sofia Dauvergne. The ARS has provided the center with 5,000 doses per week for the month of June, yet the team performs less than 2,000 weekly injections. “We are thinking about the opening hours, so that our municipal health center can return to normal activity,” explains the elected official. With deconfinement, patients are requesting appointments there again, so we need our staff. “

In Neuilly-sur-Marne, it is the village hall of the town hall – transformed into a vaccination center – which is beginning to be desired: “We have reorganized our cultural programming outdoors, it is binding, confesses the mayor. I would like cultural activity to resume in September. “