In Séné, an afternoon dedicated to children’s rights at Grain de Sel – Séné

In Séné, two associations with humanitarian aims, came together to celebrate the rights of the child, Saturday, May 21, at the cultural center Grain de Sel. “La Cimade has existed since 1939. Our branch in Vannes wanted to join Eau de Coco Bretagne, on the initiative of Delphine Cadé from GDS, for an afternoon full of entertainment,” explain Patrick and Nicolas, the two managers. Grain de Sel has linked the two associations which are committed to raising awareness of the rights of children in all countries. Eau de Coco, which has its headquarters in Séné, supports the education of children in Madagascar, while Cimade takes care of the rights of foreign families arriving on French territory.

To celebrate the rights of the child, Grain de Sel will host a photo exhibition, Malagasy songs will be performed by schoolchildren from Theix. Visitors will also be able to participate in awareness games on the lack of water, on what a migrant experiences, etc. Short videos will be broadcast, punctuated by discussions with the public.


Saturday, May 21, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Everyone, free. Photo exhibition until June 4.

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