In Spain, the Brahim Ghali affair becomes a sprawling scandal that embarrasses justice – Barlamane


Judge Lasala believes that the courts of Logroño should investigate a possible embezzlement relating to the treatment of Brahim Ghali in Spain, and asks the police to identify the doctor who accompanied the Polisario leader and his son.

The judge investigating the undeclared entry of Brahim Ghali into Spain on April 18 excludes investigating a possible embezzlement of the hospital costs of the 44 days of admission of the leader of the Polisario Front to the hospital of San Pedro de Logroño, suffering from pneumonia caused by Covid-19.

The head of the investigating court number 7 of Madrid, Rafael Lasala estimated that an independent investigation must be tackled on the source of the funds paid for the medical stay of Ghali in Spain, according to the general Spanish daily La Razón.

The judge, who is investigating possible offenses of “concealment”, “forgery”, “use of forgery” and “undue use” of official documents relating to Ghali’s entry into Spain, said that if the thesis of a diversion is becoming clearer, it would have taken place in Logroño.

In his petition to the court of 8, lawyer Antonio Urdiales asked Judge Lasala to order the Zaragoza Provincial Information Brigade to investigate “a.s.a.p” on the costs generated “by stay and treatment “ from Ghali to the hospital “From admission to departure”, indicating the “total amount” and “Whether it was paid by the patient or by a third party and the means of payment used”. An amount which, according to the lawyer, would amount to more than 100,000 euros.

According to an official letter sent by the General Information Commission to the High National Court in May, Ghali was accompanied by two people when he arrived in Logroño by ambulance. “The first, a doctor of foreign nationality, possibly Algerian”, who provided a medical report issued by the central army hospital Dr Mohamed Seghir in Algiers. The second, said the prosecution, “Claims to be a parent, without further details on his parentage” (he was his son Louali Sid el Moustafa).

Precisely with regard to Ghali’s son, Judge Lasala demands that the Provincial Information Brigade inform him if Louali Sid el Moustafa’s residence permit, which Algeria has transferred to Foreign Affairs, has been issued to him at his arrival in Spain. It turned out that the document was provided to her five days after her father was hospitalized on April 23. The judge wants more information about this residence permit, where and when it was issued. Similarly, the judge also wants access to the travel authorization file, issued on May 28; which allowed Louali Sid el Moustafa to return to Algeria with his father at dawn on June 2.