In Syria: a military demonstration beyond the chemical targets


Allies fired a total of 105 missiles, but failed to demonstrate that the target chemical sites were still active.
The world | 16.04.2018 at 11:05 • Updated 16.04.2018 at 12:44 | By Nathalie Guibert

Considerable military means were mobilized on Saturday, April 14, in the raid that hit the chemical weapons production sites of the Syrian regime. Beyond the reaction to the criminal use of these banned weapons, this deployment of the United States and their allies also appeared as a demonstration of power to the address of Russia and Iran, supporters of the regime damask. “We convinced Donald Trump to limit these strikes to chemical weapons” assured, Sunday, 15, Emmanuel Macron. But, added immediately the French president, “We have restored credibility vis-à-vis the Russians” .
On the occasion of the raid, the entire region appeared literally surrounded by cruise missiles from the United States and their French and British allies. The Pentagon initially mobilized numerous intelligence and electronic warfare planes against Syrian and Russian air defenses, including a very high-powered Global Hawk drone. He then launched fires simultaneously from the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. A total of 105 missiles were fired.

For example, 76 missiles, all American, hit the Barzeh research center near Damascus. A salvo of Tomahawk, from ships, but also air-to-ground missiles JASSM-ER: it was the first use in operation of this new weapon, noted the American press. It has allowed the strategic bombers B-1B, behemoths comparable to the TU 160 Russian, to shoot in long-range security.
In addition, 22 missiles, jointly launched by the three western allies, hit the Him Sinshar storage facility, west of Homs. Combined, complex fire from American ships (9 missiles), British planes (8), a ship (3) and a French Rafale plane (2). Finally, France alone has targeted a bunker located seven kilometers away, with 7 missiles SCALP, …


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