In the 721 assault, two people in white plead guilty to the riot, the prosecutor said they were still waiting for the victim’s medical report officer to “put a file in the refrigerator?” (17:15)-20210222-Hong Kong News-News

The defendants Lin Guanliang (48) and Lin Kaiming (43), both of whom reported as businessmen, admitted to participating in the riot at Yuen Long Station on July 21, 2019, along with other unknown persons. They were also charged with intentional wounding and were allowed to file in court without prosecution.

The case pointed out that after the conflict at the Yen Long screening event on July 16, 2019, some people on the Internet called for participation in the Yuen Long rally on July 21, and some people called for defending the Yuen Long homeland and driving demonstrators out of Yuen Long. At about 10:48 pm on July 21, no less than 50 people in white walked into the MTR Yuen Long Station lobby. At that time, about 100 people were in the toll area, most of them in black. The two sides scolded and scolded each other fiercely. conflict.

Prosecution: The white-clothed man attacked the black-clothed man and passengers with rattan and wooden sticks

By 11 o’clock that night, the white-clothed people attacked the black-clothed people and passengers with canes and wooden sticks on the upper platform and inside the carriage, causing a huge commotion. The prosecution pointed out that the two defendants waved sticks and scolded people in black in the lobby and the carriage. Among them, Lin Guanliang attacked the passengers in the carriage with a wooden stick. The two defendants were dressed in white at the time of the crime. Their behavior was filmed by closed-circuit television and public footage, and they were arrested one month after the crime.

The prosecution stated that there were a total of 11 victims in the incident, with injuries including tenderness, lacerations and hematomas, but one of the victims’ medical reports is still to be obtained because the hospital provided wrong reports twice in 2019. Ye Guan immediately asked, “How old are you? Put a file in the refrigerator and freeze it for a year and a half?” The prosecution admitted that the police had omissions. Ye Guan asked the prosecution to provide the name of the case supervisor. The prosecution revealed that the then supervisor was Huang Shibin, a senior inspector of the Crime Squad of the New Territories North Region.

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