In the aftermath of the case of insulting Islam, the governor stops the activities of the Indian ambassador in Aceh

Banda Aceh, CNN Indonesia

Governor Aceh Nova Iriansyah asked the Ambassador India for Indonesia, Manoj Kumar Bharti who is visiting the province to stop his activities related to investment.

The move came after two politicians from India’s ruling party, Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal, were accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

I have asked the Technical Service and special staff to end the activities of the Indian Ambassador in Banda Aceh. We strongly object to the statements of 2 Indian politicians from the ruling party,” wrote Nova Iriansyah on his official Twitter account quoted on Wednesday (8/6).

Nova said the attitude was taken because Aceh is an area that implements Islamic law, so the statements of the two politicians in India also hurt the hearts of the residents of the region.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Aceh One Stop Integrated Service and Investment Service (DPMPTSP) Marthunis mentioned the arrival of the Indian Ambassador to Aceh to attend a business forum. Following up on the governor’s statement, his party has also notified the Indian Ambassador to immediately end his activities in Aceh.

“The follow-up to the Governor’s statement is that we immediately notify the Indian Ambassador of the statement, shorten and end the formal event involving the ambassador’s activities,” Marthunis told reporters.

Marthunis claimed that the Indian Ambassador could understand the governor’s statement, and the steps that were then taken by his side.

“Ambassador, Manoj Kumar Bharti understands and understands the Governor’s statement,” he said.

For information, Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal – cadres of India’s ruling party, BJP – have been suspended from their respective political parties. Police have also arrested the leader of the BJP’s youth wing, Harshit Srivastava, for posting anti-Muslim comments on social media.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has criticized two Indian politicians for reportedly mocking the Prophet Muhammad, Monday (6/6). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also claimed to have conveyed the message to the Indian ambassador in Jakarta.

“Indonesia strongly condemns the unacceptable statement of insults against the Prophet Muhammad SAW by two Indian politicians,” the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on their Twitter, Monday (6/6).


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