In the agglomeration of Chartres, the greens are taking root in the political landscape

The blue of Chartres was not far from turning green, Sunday evening, during the second round of the departmental elections.

The outgoing pairs of the right-wing and center-right departmental majority narrowly won in the cantons of Chartres. On Chartres 1 and Chartres 3, the candidates supported by Eure-et-Loir Écologie shook the tandems Karine Dorange-Étienne Rouault and Rémi Martial-Isabelle Vincent, elected with respectively 97 and 363 votes ahead of their competitors.

Departmental: Karine Dorange and Étienne Rouault, narrowly in the canton of Chartres 1

A recourse to the study

Gérard Leray and Sandra Renda, the environmentalist duo beaten by a hair on Chartres 1 (49.17% of the votes cast), have some regrets. Gérard Leray explains:

“On paper, it could pass. It’s quite annoying, but we do not lament, because it is a very good sign for the next deadlines ”

Gerard Leray (spokesperson for Eure-et-Loir Ecologie, defeated in the departmental elections in the canton of Chartres 1)

Gérard Leray, also spokesperson for Eure-et-Loir Écologie, “does not exclude the possibility of an appeal” against the result of the election before the administrative court, seen, according to him, the very small difference of votes – 97 – with the pair Karine Dorange and Etienne Rouault (50.83%).

Gérard Leray believes that the scores of Sunday evening bode well for the municipal elections of 2026. “The fight will continue. The “Gorgian” citadel can be taken, ”he says.

Departmental / 2nd round: all the final results in Eure-et-Loir and in the south-Yvelines, canton by canton

On the right, Rémi Martial (LR), re-elected on Chartres 3 with Isabelle Vincent (52.85%) against the environmentalist tandem Guy Lirzin-Caroline Maupu, perceives in these tight results “a sociological evolution of the Chartres agglomeration”, which has In recent months, we have seen the arrival of inhabitants of the Paris region taking advantage of more attractive property prices than in Île-de-France.

Rémi Martial deciphers:

“We do concrete ecology, but maybe we don’t talk about it enough. It’s up to us to be more offensive ”

Remi Martial (Questions about miracles)

The departmental councilor who qualifies his political opponents as “watermelon” environmentalists, green on the outside and red on the inside.

Departmental: Rémi Martial and Isabelle Vincent, candidates of the departmental majority, elected in the canton of Chartres 3

For his part, the mayor of Chartres, Jean-Pierre Gorges, explains that he “does not see any breakthrough by environmentalists” in the Beauce capital. To support this analysis, the elected official relies in particular on the results obtained by the two environmentalist lists in the first round of regional meetings, on June 20. “They made 20% in Chartres. In the municipal elections, the environmentalist list obtained a stronger score, at 22.2%, ”observes Jean-Pierre Gorges.

The elected believes that “the Greens wanted to hold a referendum on the A 154 motorway and the Compa in the departmental elections and they did not win”.

Gérard Leray has a very different reading grid: “We are a rising political force”, notes the environmental activist. “Even if we lost, no one is shot. ”

Helene Bonnet