In the Amur region 9 adults and 8 children suffered from tick bites


A vaccine against tick-borne viral encephalitis was administered in the Amur region. 44,950 doses, including 25,920 doses of vaccine for children purchased from the regional budget.

The money was allocated according to the program “Health Development of the Amur Region for 2014-2020”. 44,950 doses are 92.6% of the need. The vaccine has already received 9,391 people.
According to the operative monitoring data, over the past week, 17 people who suffered from a tick bite were registered in the region, including eight children. All of them were given emergency seroprevention. For this, 4 080 doses of anti-malignant immunoglobulin were stored in the Amur Region. According to the results of laboratory studies of ticks removed from the affected, infected with infectious agents were not detected.
Office of Rospotrebnadzor for the Amur region calls for compliance with prevention measures tick-borne infections and draws attention to the fact that the most reliable means of preventing tick-borne encephalitis is vaccination. And also experts remind that the study of ticks removed from the victims determines the tactics of providing preventive medical care, including the timely introduction of anti-malignant immunoglobulin.
In the area is acaricidal treatment. During the current period 8.8 hectares were processed – 3.3% of the planned 270 hectares.
Employers are obliged to carry out anti-cell treatment of the territories of occupancy of professional risk groups. They include shift camps, field camps and other places located on endemic for tick-borne encephalitis territories. Those who did not receive the vaccination are not allowed to work on the territory dangerous for tick-borne encephalitis in the season of mites activity.


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