In the Conurbano and La Plata, meetings of up to 10 people will not be allowed outdoors

Outdoor meetings of up to 10 people authorized by the national government last night will not be allowed in the suburbs or La Plata. This was assured to EL DIA by qualified sources from the Axel Kicillof government. “Today (yesterday) we had 7,500 infections, it is impossible to authorize social gatherings,” they said in the Buenos Aires Executive.

Thus, in the Province the system of phases will continue to govern. The districts that are in phase 3 (Conurbano and La Plata) will not enjoy this flexibility, which will govern -as it has been happening so far- in the interior communes that are in phase 4 and phase 5 for having fewer infections due to coronavirus.

In addition, the 35 municipalities that make up Greater Buenos Aires and La Plata will continue unchanged in the new stage of Social, Preventive and Mandatory Isolation ordered by President Alberto Fernández until September 20.

The measure was agreed upon after the meeting between the president and the governor Axel Kicillof and the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and implies that in those districts there will be no new authorizations for commercial activities, but neither will there be a decline in those that are already in operation.

In the rest of the districts of the interior of Buenos Aires, the phase in which they will remain will be defined on Monday, as is usually done, according to the epidemiological situation presented by each municipality.

In this way, the Governor rejected the proposal that several mayors of Together for Change had been making to make activities more flexible and allow, for example, the operation of bars and restaurants with tables in the street, to enable the resumption of works private and authorized the work of domestic workers.

In the province they maintain that although there is a decrease in the number of cases, the figure is very high. The situation in interior districts where contagions began to multiply are also disturbing. For example, Mar del Plata resolved in the last hours to return to phase 3 and freeze a series of flexibilities that it had authorized.

“Today (yesterday) we had 7,500 infections, it is impossible to authorize social gatherings”

President Alberto Fernández announced a new extension of social isolation until September 20, warned about the expansion of the coronavirus throughout the country, appealed to “personal responsibility” to avoid contagion and affirmed that “meetings of up to ten people in outdoor places ”, although, as stated, Kicillof will not allow them in the case of Conurbano and La Plata.

“Currently there are 18 provinces with areas of sustained community transmission. The problem is no longer just about Amba, the problem is throughout the country, ”the President warned in a message recorded from the Olivos Residence, which was uploaded to social networks.

After more than ten thousand new positive cases were registered in the country for the second consecutive day, the president once again called for “personal responsibility” to avoid infections, and expressed concern about the growth of cases in the provinces due to transmission community, mainly due to the risk of saturation of the health system in some districts of the interior.

“As we already know, if the circulation of people increases, if we relax, if we neglect ourselves, there is no health system that can endure,” he said, adding: “a month and a half ago, 93 percent of the new cases were in Amba, in the other provinces, was only 7 percent. Now in the provinces that percentage has multiplied by five, today it represents 37 percent of all cases ”.

These and other data were analyzed yesterday in the videoconference that the President held from Olivos with governors of 12 provinces, with whom he reviewed the “complex” epidemiological and health situation in their districts.

With the governors, they agreed that each district will define if it goes backward or maintains the same level of restrictions, in accordance with the evolution of local cases.

“We are very concerned about Jujuy, where the health system is on the edge and cases continue to increase; We are also concerned about Mendoza, where circulation and infections are increasing. We closely follow the specific actions carried out by Santa Fe and Córdoba with localized closures, ”the president said.

Then he cited the cases of cities, such as General Roca and Tartagal where, he said, “health systems are not so robust” and “there was a significant increase in cases and the need for beds in a short time.”

“Therefore, in common agreement with the governors, we made the decision to extend the care measures, sanitary isolation, physical distancing until next September 20,” the president announced in his message.



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