Entertainment In the democratic debate, the candidates mostly kept the...

In the democratic debate, the candidates mostly kept the gloves on


It is unusual for a television presenter to boast that the program we are about to watch is the smallest of all. But that's what Wolf Blitzer of CNN did before the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, stating that this was "the smallest stage of debate to date of this cycle."

As the last forum was cast before the first votes of 2020, it felt like the end of a phase. The debates have functioned as a de facto national primary, conducted through the media and surveys, which reduced a number of candidates on stage in June until six o'clock on Tuesday night.

The smallest cast arrived with higher expectations. The debate at Drake University in Iowa seemed prepared for some defining clashes, especially after an intense debate in December that introduced the public into the political semiotics of wine caves.

But despite the high stakes, the six candidates largely chose not to give CNN the fight he was anticipating, at least, not while the microphones were on.

The result was a debate whose answers were substantive, although a bit repetitive for someone who has seen all the debates since the summer. Of course, many reasonable people with healthy lives do not fall into that category. For viewers who were simply tuning in, the questions had the feeling of a summary, familiar but perhaps more useful for the non-obsessive. (However, the process and eligibility questions, which invite candidates to play as experts in their own campaigns, were not a good use of anyone's time).

It wasn't the fight that CNN seemed to expect. To be fair, there are reasons in addition to qualifications for moderators to try to pick fights. The arguments can not only generate real contrasts, but in a primary debate they can model for the voters how the candidate will remain in a general election.

As Mrs. Phillip put it to Mr. Biden, “The final candidate will face President Trump, who has no trouble making fun of people, using insulting nicknames, throwing mud and telling lies. The debate against him will make tonight's debate seem like a child's play. "

Afterwards, CNN progressive commentator Van Jones doubted that "any of these people are prepared for what Donald Trump is going to do to us." Next time, CNN might consider planting a Trump impersonator on stage to keep things alive.

Television, which feeds on conflicts, gravitates towards the prize-fighting debate model: a candidate "hits" an opponent, scores "knockouts" and "wins", collecting votes like a rich boxing bag. However, it could be said that this is not automatically productive for voters or candidates. The most notable attack of this debate cycle was on Mr. Biden by Senator Kamala Harris in the first debate. She shot in the polls briefly. By Tuesday, she was in the audience with the rest of us.


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