In the district of Montluçon, Jorys Bovet offers the RN unprecedented success in Allier and Auvergne

Like a campaign where the RN will have thwarted almost all predictions, Jorys Bovet did not seem to really realize this Sunday evening, when the final results confirmed his victory in the constituency of Montluçon, shortly before 9 p.m.

“I am proud and happy with this result. In all honesty, I hoped so, but between hoping and being there, no…”, slipped, hotly, the new deputy, as if surprised himself to have reversed the situation in his favor.

A few moments earlier, in the centralizing office of Montluçon, on the first floor of the town hall, he was still staring at his cell phone, without showing any emotion.

The plucked majority, breakthrough of the Nupes, reinforced LR, the surprise RN in the Allier … The news of the second round in Auvergne and Limousin

Leading in Commentry or Néris-les-Bains

However, since 20 hours, the positive results had been linked, like his victory at Commentry or, against all odds, at Néris-les-Bains which had given Laurence Vanceunebrock the lead in the first round.

It must be said that until the end, the duel between the delivery driver and Louise Héritier will have remained close. In the end, 140 votes separate the RN from Nupes for a score of 50.22% of the votes for the first against 49.78% for the second.

“He is young in politics but he learns quickly”

A very small advance, but a huge victory for the party of Marine Le Pen, which had never yet managed to win a seat as a deputy in the Allier and even in the former Auvergne region.

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“I still have a hard time realizing it. I’m happy for the party and for Jorys. He is young in politics, but he learns very quickly. If he does not have the ease to speak, he will learn it ”, released Elisabeth Camus who had collected only 9.99% of the votes, five years ago, under the label of the FN.

The new anchor of the RN vote

In this election, the very discreet campaign of this inhabitant of the Vichy basin, unknown before the ballot, will not have been a handicap in the end. Maybe it even turned into a force. On the constituency, Jorys Bovet simply knew how to capitalize on the rise in power of the Le Pen vote, which appeared in broad daylight during the presidential election. Beyond the person, it is indeed to the RN that the voters gave their voice.

Voters who wanted to block Nupes

During this second round, Jorys Bovet was also able to count on unprecedented reserves of votes on the right – beyond those of Reconquête (3.90% in the first round) – of voters who chose to vote RN to block the Nupes.

In the wake of his victory, Jorys Bovet promised to be a “combative and determined” MP. The start of a new life that even seemed a little beyond him: “As I’ve often said, I have a job and I don’t want to leave my employer in trouble… I’ll see how to manage with him and then I will attack this new work. And yes, yes, people will see me. »

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Michael Nicholas