In the event of a Covid-19 contingency, Walmart maintains essential product prices for 40 days nationwide

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Today we live in a difficult situation worldwide. Health and financial complications are the order of the day. Many staple products have had an upward trend, so Walmart Supercenter has taken actions in direct support of its consumers.

The company informs all its customers of its commitment through the initiative “Essentials”, so it will keep the price fixed on more than 100 basic products for 40 days.

This campaign will remain active from May 1 to June 10 of this year.

What kind of products participate in this initiative?
Mainly, a fixed price will be applied to essential products of the basic basket. These range from grocery, health and wellness.

Walmart Supercenter, maintains the price of these essential items in order to support all its customers. “Mexican families, today more than ever, are the highest priority, so we reiterate our commitment to strengthen our cooperation at this time,” said the company.



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