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in the footsteps of two MEPs in Strasbourg and Brussels

While Europeans must elect at the end of May their representatives in the Parliament of the Union, "Le Monde" has followed the work, on a daily basis, of two elected Dutch and French.

By Jérémie Lamothe and Allan Kaval Posted today at 13h08, updated at 16h03

Between 23 and 26 May 2019, as every five years, more than 400 million European voters will be called to ballot to nominate their representatives to the European Union Parliament, the only EU institution elected directly by the citizens. This election, one of the largest democratic exercises in the world, is also marked, in all countries, by significant rates of abstention.

To understand the daily functioning of this complex legislative assembly, shared between Strasbourg and Brussels, The world followed for two days two experienced MEPs recognized for their involvement in parliamentary work: the French Françoise Grossetête, 72 years old, member of the Republicans and vice-president of the European People's Party (EPP), which brings together the formations of the classical right, and the Dutch Green Party Judith Sargentini, 45, known for defending the rule of law.

The two MEPs, who do not stand in this European election, told the World the nature of their daily work, made of negotiations, compromises and technical expertise, but also their assessment of the state of the Union at a time when Brexit, the rise of authoritarian populisms and migration issues are weighing on the European horizon.

Jérémie Lamothe and Allan Kaval

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