As every morning in the home of Claire, the alarm clock rings at 5: 45. His son, second in high school Raimu, Nimes to follow a supply chain computer system, must be prepared : toilet, hearty breakfast, last look at the schedule, textbooks not to forget… The sun has not yet pointed the tip of his nose, at 6: 40 pm, Maxime, 15 years old, hand take his bus.

Since September, the daily life of this teenager has completely changed. He spends almost three hours per day on public transport while he was living twenty minutes from Nîmes !

“Exhausting, stressful,”

Bundled up in his parka, Maxime wakes up gradually, walking in the cold night. He finds his buddy and goes to the nearest stop, The Vincent, where already, a dozen young patient in silence. Two big yellow eyes suddenly in the night, the bus Tango de Nîmes Métropole 6 h 51. “In the best of cases, one of the seats, but sometimes it is full to bursting. We take the one after. To say that last year, I put a ten-minute walk to go to college !”

This morning, by chance, the bus is not archibondé, but the quickly becomes. Three stops later, the users are already sac-à-dos against sac-à-dos, it is the glued-tight daily users of Tango.

all or almost All are high school students. A student finishes his homework, other listen to music via their mobile phone. A small group talks about the upcoming controls of the tray white. The bus continues its route, and crosses the commune of Rodilhan, where once again, climb to the edge of the adolescents half-awake. Then direction Nîmes. After a half-hour trip, Maxim and a few others, in school to the west of the city, don’t stop to look at the time every thirty seconds ! A reflex is automatic, an ict class.

While the bus is high school Love at 7: 20 am, they are still hoping to be able to obtain the correspondence in front of the SNCF train station. One of them predicted : “This is fucked up, and it never will be.” “Every morning, it’s like this,” says Maxime. “And if we are missing the correspondence, one is certain to be late in high school,” says a third voice.

The glimpse on the watch are a constant

Their first bus arrives at its terminal. They go down and are waiting for the next for several minutes, with still, the waltz of the eyes on the clock. They eventually catch a glimpse, at the far end of the boulevard Talabot, the famous because. “If, if, it is him, it is written IUT !” The group (they are a twenty on that day) climbs, and same player shoot again : the glance on the watch are a constant, especially as the streets nîmoises are bottled. Maxime admit : in October, he wanted to give up. “It is exhausting, tiring, stressful. I was fed up.” His mom has convinced him to continue.

The bus drops finally the students, who have to walk nearly 400 meters to reach the hotel, at 7: 58. “It’s going to be hot, the doors close at 8 pm !”. This morning, they will arrive just in time, but out of breath in class to attack eight hours of the course ! And to say that a bus Edgard, funded by the department, but as a resident of the Chipboard they can not take, made the daily journey Manduel – Raimu… in twenty minutes.

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