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Home Business In the Hauts-de-France, the project to replace the "B gas" has started

In the Hauts-de-France, the project to replace the "B gas" has started

With the end of the Dutch gas field, 1.3 million subscribers in the North will receive a new type of gas.

Boiler adjustment is necessary and some will need to be changed.

In the Hauts-de-France, the countdown for the end of the "gas B" began and Emmanuelle Wargon, the Secretary of State for the ecological transition must go on the spot, Thursday, February 20, with a meeting in Arras with local elected representatives and a visit to Cambrai from the GRDF training center, the distribution network manager.

"Gas B" is natural gas coming from the Netherlands, whose deposit is running out, and which will therefore be replaced by "gas H", the one that feeds the rest of France, from Norway, from Russia and Algeria, mainly. In total, 1.3 million inhabitants of Hauts-de-France; as well as a hundred of industrialists, will be concerned by 2029.

Four pilot areas

The case is not anecdotal for this project whose cost should still be around 800 million euros. The Dutch gas, rich in nitrogen, has a low calorific value and it will be necessary to make some adjustments in the installations before the new gas can circulate.

Air liquid is always good

During this so-called phase inventory GRDF teams will check the equipment one by one. Work has already started in three pilot areas in Doullens, Gravelines and Grande-Synthe and is expected to continue in Dunkirk in the spring. In these municipalities, the gradual transition to "gas H" should start from 2020.

According to GRDF, the vast majority of boilers will be able to operate with the new gas. At least in 97% of the cases, after having modified the burners, one emphasizes with the seat. The visit of technicians and any modifications are the responsibility of the network manager. At least in appearance, because in the end, the consumer will pay these benefits through its invoice and the " network usage fee ".

Financing new installations

The remaining 3% of households will have to change equipment. The subject is sensitive and a solution seems to have been found, with the introduction of a "check conversion". But the modalities still remain to be defined and for the moment, it is still vague.

On its website, the Ministry of Ecological Transition mentions " a bonus up to € 2,000 (depending on resources) For the replacement of a old boiler with oil, gas or coal by a gas boiler with very high energy performance ".

Why nuclear is going to be renationalized

Other stakeholders could complement. This is the case, for example, of the suppliers, but also of GRDF, which has just been authorized by the 2019 finance law to finance " all or part " the amount of incompatible device replacements.

" The gas change operation is not only technical. It also participates in the energy transition, with boilers that consume 30% less ", Says one at GRDF. But the objective of the distributor is first to retain its subscribers, while for gas the competition is increasingly harsh with electricity.

Jean-Claude Bourbon



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