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In the Kursk region, a man of 12 years kept mercury in the attic of a house, and then poured it from neighbors

A shot from the plot of the Kursk State TV and Radio Company

In the city of Lgov, Kursk Region, a 12-year-old man stored mercury in the attic of a house into two owners, and then poured poisonous substance on half of its neighbors. It conveys this GTRK "Kursk".

“As he admitted, he kept it for 12 years in our attic, this mercury,” said Lyudmila Glazunova, who poured in mercury. – He decided to pick it up and walked, as if he had stumbled. But if he had stumbled, she would have been all in the attic. It is necessary to remove this top hatch and fill it – so she turned out to be with us. ”

According to the woman, there were “huge puddles” of mercury in the house. But when the victim made a call on the single emergency call number 112, they promised to call her back. Glazunov suggests that she was "taken for crazy."

Alexander Lapin, deputy head of the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia for the Kursk region, said that several hours after the call the victim had "sent a chemical radiometric laboratory that made the initial measurements." Indicators exceeded the allowable values ​​dozens of times.

The deputy head of Lgov, Igor Gazinsky, said that the city administration "allocated money from the city budget for demercurization (procedures for removing mercury – note"

The TV channel reports that police found mercury in a neighbor's car. But information about where the man is now and whether the charges against him in this incident, the media did not specify.

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