In the locker room D7: FC Vendenheim – FC Nantes

Today at 2 p.m. the match of the seventh day of group A of women’s D2 between FC Vendenheim and FC Nantes will be held, on the lawn of the Stade du Waldeck.

After seven days, FC Nantes and FC Vendenheim are opposed to the standings.

With only two points, the Vendenheim players are in 12th and last place in the standings.

The Nantes women, for their part, continue their ascent. With a total of 14 points out of 18 possible, they are currently alone in the lead ahead of Le Havre, Lille and Metz (1 point behind).

With the comfort of the pole position and the confidence gained, getting to the Red Lantern field can be tricky. The players of FC Nantes should not take this meeting lightly.

The form

Nantes side: With a last tense match against LOSC, the Nantes women once again showed their rage to win by winning 1-0 in the last five minutes.

Be careful, however, to the results of Nantes on the move: a draw in Strasbourg (1-1) on the second day which can be explained by the food poisoning contracted by some players. Against Saint-Malo, Anaïs Ribeyra’s teammates were led 2-0 before snatching the draw in the final minutes.

This match will be an opportunity for Mathieu Ricoul’s players to perfect their cohesion but also their technique in order to keep the number 1 place in the standings.

Federal side: If we avoid the logical defeat in the first match against the former resident of D1 Le Havre, the start of the season had started well for Vendenheim with two draws against VGA Saint-Maur and RC Lens. But the Fédinoises did not know how to capitalize and lose three games in a row.

The defensive porosity of this team partly explains these results. Their first six opponents have all scored at least one goal. Even if Vendenheim was programmed to play maintenance anyway, this drop in performance seems more pronounced than expected.

The Nantes to follow: Laureen Oillic

FC Nantes has training in its DNA. Even if some club executives have the unfortunate tendency to want to demonstrate the opposite, the women’s section remains one of the last strongholds to defend this great idea. Leïla Peneau is an example. But let’s look at a young 16-year-old player, Laureen Oillic, who has already reached two starts in the first team.

The high level does not seem to scare him at all. She is willful, handles the ball well and tries breakthroughs not yet embellished with a goal. Against Lille, it is she who obtains the corner which will bring the goal of Ribeyra. Physically, she has the capacity to hold an entire match. We can bet that his growing experience will lead him to be more decisive and to wear the colors of his training club high.

The other meetings:

Sunday October 31

2 p.m .: Le Havre-Strasbourg

15h : FC Metz-St Malo

La Roche ESOF-Brest

VGA Saint Maur-Lens

Postponed: Lille-Orléans due to the presence of some Orleans players blocked by the coup d’état in Sudan. Courage to them.

Go Nantes!

(Article co-written with Olivier Dantas Lima)