Prince Harry and his wife Meghan said goodbye Monday to their 11 million subscribers on their Instagram account “Sussexroyal”, at the dawn of their new life withdrawn from the British crown. Their message evoked the torments of the world facing the coronavirus.

At a time when the world seems “extremely fragile”, “the most important currently is the health and well-being of everyone across the globe and finding solutions to the many problems raised by this pandemic”, they write in a message published Monday.

“You will not see us here anymore”, but the “work continues”, writes the couple, who wants to find out how to “contribute the best” in the face of the upheavals that lie ahead. “We look forward to reconnecting with you soon,” they add without further details.

After blowing a breath of fresh air on the British monarchy, Prince Harry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, and his wife unleashed a storm by announcing in January their wish to withdraw from the crown.

Moving to California

After March 31, they will no longer be able to use their Royal Highness titles or officially represent the Queen. They will in exchange be free to live far from a royal shackles in which the younger son of Lady Di and his wife say they suffered, and will be able to earn a living freely.

They must also renounce the name “sussexroyal”, which they have used until now on Instagram and on their website.

After settling in Canada for a time, the 35-year-old prince, sixth in succession to the throne, and his 38-year-old wife moved last week to California, where the former American actress has an address book and where his mother Doria lives.

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