In the middle of the night: AfD ensures demolition of the Bundestag meeting – politics


The AfD provided for a premature end to the Bundestag session on the night of Friday. Before the final decision on an amendment to the Energy Industry Act, the AFD Group questioned Parliament's quorum and then requested a roll-call vote.

In this vote, only 133 parliamentarians voted, which missed the necessary number of 355 MPs. Strictly speaking, the Bundestag is only quorate if more than half of the 709 members of parliament are present – which is at this hour, it was just before 2 clock, but never the case.

The current Bundestag Vice-President Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) ended the meeting. In addition to the vote on the Energy Industry Act, with which an EU directive on the internal market in natural gas is to be implemented, several votes on further bills have been dropped. These included, inter alia, a social agreement with Ukraine and a redeployment of EU agricultural subsidies for the benefit of nature conservation. (AP)


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