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In the near future, seven new Apple app complications will appear on the Apple Watch Series 4

watchOS 5.1.1 was distributed earlier today after a series of bricked watches last week for some devices that were upgraded to watchOS 5.1. However, it looks like this update has also tipped the hat off on some upcoming goodies for Series 4 owners.

With iOS 12.1.1 and watchOS 5.1.1 installed, seven new complications for the faces of the Infograph and Infograph Modular faces appear in the Watch Face Gallery app: Home, Mail, Maps, Messages, Messages, Phone and remote …

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These complications can be selected in the accompanying Watch app, but unfortunately do not show any functioning complications on the actual watch. They are represented as empty zones.

The best theory for why this has happened is that these complications should be new features in the next watch update, which should be in the developer beta right now.

However, due to these brick issues, Apple has broken through this version and seems to have forgotten to remove some of the unfinished features (note that these complications do not occur if you use the public version of iOS 12.1 on your phone).

It is likely that these complications will be a true premiere in a developer beta of "watchOS 5.1.2," which may be released earlier this week.

The lack of infographic complications from first-time adopters of key system apps was a common complaint among the early users of the Apple Watch Series 4. This update certainly demonstrates that Apple will soon address these issues. There are new circular infographic complications for Home, Mail, Cards, Messages, Messages, Phone and the Remote App. The Infograph Modular Face now also has a news ticker option for the middle complication zone.

Because these complications do not work on the clock, no dynamic features can be tested. The preview images in the App Watch Phone indicate that they are simple static launchers, except for the complication of the Infograph Modular Center News, which displays recent news and featured stories from Apple News editors.

Nevertheless, this is a must. Many watch users use watch faces as app launcher like everything else, rather than relying on the dock or app grid.

Thanks Paul for the heads up!


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