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In the Penza region there are fewer cases of RVI

In the Penza region there are fewer cases of respiratory viral infections. At the 41st week of the current year, 2,034 cases of RVI were registered – 171 fewer than a week earlier. The decline was 7.8%.
Approximately one in three patients is a child (32.5%). A relatively high incidence rate was noted in Kuznetsk and Penza, as well as in Lopatinsky, Sosnovoborsky, Kameshkirsky, Kuznetsky, Nikolsky, Nizhnelomovsky, Neverkinsky and Gorodishchensky districts.
In Penza, the total incidence of respiratory viral infections decreased by 14.1% and amounted to 1,048 cases. Its figure is 201 per 100 thousand population.
As for the flu, it is not registered in the Sura region.
In 2018, 706,400 people are planned to be vaccinated in the region (this is more than 50% of the population). In order to be vaccinated, you can contact the clinic at the place of attachment.


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