The opening ceremony of the 27th International Festival of Music and Singing organized by the Egyptian Opera House, presided by Dr. Magdy Saber, was presided by Dr. Magdy Baghdadi, the head of the art house. On Sunday evening, 12 August, three concerts were held. The first ceremony was attended by ambassadors and consuls of Latin American countries (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Bolivia and Panama), Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Panama and a number of Panamanian communities in Cairo. The Panamanian Art Ensemble participated for the first time in the festival after receiving the international emblem for 60 years of Egyptian-Panamanian diplomatic relations In order to promote cultural exchange between the two countries, the members of the ensemble appeared in traditional Panamanian costumes with colorful colors. They presented a variety of different colors of the Panamanian folk arts, ranging from music, singing and dances, which reflect the cultural and social heritage of Panama's various regions in "coasts, forests and cities". Several paintings of traditional music in a lively and lively way. The band members said they were proud of their participation in the Panamanian arts in such an important festival and to meet with the Egyptian audience of different tastes. Then the band Baghdadi Band Band, led by drummer Magdi Baghdadi, gave a concert that included a selection of the most famous international and Arab works: "Brazilian, Los Rios, Ana, Alaada, Hawak, and Wave" as well as some of the world's finest songs: New York and Suway The singer Hami Amin. Dr. Magdy Baghdadi at the end of the ceremony to congratulate the public on the occasion of Eid al-Adha blessed. At 10 pm and at the scene of the test 2, the audience was on a date with the original song and fresh voice embodied in the star Mohammed El Helou, who gave a concert during which a collection of the most famous works that sing in the course of his career, along with a collection of heritage songs and serials are: Ya Habibi, Tamer Layali El Helmeya, Hatzawy, Araf, Albi Ali Tari, Yater Ya Tayer, Sali Ali El Mostafa, and concluded the concert with the song Ahim Shawka.


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