In the plane crashed in Poland flying Ukrainian MP


11:39 06/10/2018 (updated: 11:49 10.06.2018 ) 7380 60 6th
KYIV, 10 Jun – RIA Novosti. A deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the “Radical Party” suffered as a result of a plane crash in Polish Rzeszów, he is in hospital, his colleague Igor Mosiychuk said. Media: in Poland light-engine aircraft made an emergency landing on the road
On the eve of the channel TVN24 reported that a light-engine aircraft registered in Ukraine, crashed in Rzeszów, three people were injured.
“A light aircraft with a colleague from the” Radical Party “Oleg Lyashko, Yuri Chizhmar, was crashed in Polish Rzeszów, Yuri is now in the hospital,” wrote Mosiichuk on his page in Facebook .


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