In the presence of a selection of doctors: Ibn al-Nafis Hospital opens a pre-employment clinic


Ibn Al-Nafis Hospital celebrated the opening of a pre-employment examination clinic in the presence of Dr. Adel Hassan Al-Ali, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Ali Jaafar Al-Aradi, Vice Chairman and Consultant of Orthopedic Surgery and Spine, Dr. Abdul Rahman Khalifa, Consultant of Dermatology and Dr. Maha Al-Kuwari, Professions and Health Services and James van Vogt Chief Executive Officer of the hospital as well as members of the hospital management.

Many companies consider their employees as one of the largest assets and the most important factors of success. The employee’s physical and health benefits help to obtain effective results. Ibn El Nafees Hospital offers pre-employment examinations to ensure the employment of physically qualified staff, Which may adversely affect labor productivity.

The services provided by the clinic at Ibn al-Nafis Hospital include medical history and tests, laboratory blood tests, chest radiography, hepatitis B screening, hepatitis C test, HIV, syphilis examination.


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