In the ROC do not doubt the miraculous convergence of the Blessed fire

In the ROC do not doubt the miraculous convergence of the Blessed

MOSCOW, March 12. / TASS /. Parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church do not doubt that the Holy Fire in Jerusalem is burning in a miraculous way, despite the opinions about its artificial origin. This was reported by TASS on Monday, the press secretary of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, priest Alexander Volkov, commenting on the statement of the priest Samuel Agoyan.

The priest of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Agoyan, told the Israeli media the day before that he watched the ligatures of wax candles being lit from the oil lamp in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

“This is a strange statement, given the veneration of people for this miracle and how many around the world are waiting for this event with hope and faith,” Father Alexander said. “We always gladly receive the Holy Fire before Easter.For our parishioners, his arrival from Jerusalem on the eve of Easter is a joyful event that is awaited, and, of course, there is never a question of challenging a miracle,” he added.

“To any phenomenon of spiritual life there is always a different attitude, for example, to miracles from icons and to other manifestations, and the Holy Fire is also a phenomenon that always causes disagreement among some people, but for millions of people the convergence of the Holy Fire is undoubtedly important, so it is doubtful in the days of the Great Lent again to provoke people to some kind of embarrassment on this issue, “he explained.

The burn of the Holy Fire, with the prayerful expectation of tens of thousands of believers, takes place on the Great Sabbath, celebrated by Orthodox on the eve of Easter. Fire descends in Kuvuklia – a chapel over the cave of the Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus Christ was buried. Fire from the Life-giving Sepulcher symbolizes the boundless grandeur of the Resurrection of Christ.

According to the tradition that has developed in recent years, a particle of the Holy Fire from Jerusalem to Moscow is delivered by the delegation of the Andrew the First-Called Foundation. From the lamp brought lighters are lit in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and fire is sent to different dioceses and countries.

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