She loves to attract attention and do her own thing! Lourdes Leon neatly teases her famous mother Madonna (60) in terms of provocation. The 21-year-old does not have that much to do with music, but all the more so with fashion and acting. Graduated from New York's La Guardia School of Performing Arts in 2014, she wants to succeed as a movie star. For the first time, however, Lourdes has started at the New York Fashion Week. For the label Gypsy Sport, the young beauty has presented the Spring Collection 2019. Her outfit for the catwalk could not have been more daring. Lourdes was wearing a mini-shell bikini that was held together by just a few strands of chain. To really jump into the floods would probably not be recommended. In addition, Lourdes wore a ripped blow jeans and white platform sneakers and combined colorful feathers in her hair. This style would probably make her very private. Lourdes is known for her hippie look – also in terms of body hair. Lola, as her nickname, also likes to sprout her hair. Together with Mother Madonna she once posted a provocative pic with bushy armpits.SplashNews.comLourdes Ciccone at New York Fashion Week in September 2018DisplayInstagram / madonnaMadonna and her daughter Lourdes LeonDisplayInstagram / lourdesleon_officialLourdes Leon, daughter of MadonnaDisplayPersonaliseShow result
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