In the spotlight: blood in the street, in Senegal

Opponent Ousmane Sonko was sentenced yesterday to two years in prison. His supporters immediately took to the streets. First assessment of the repression, nine dead. It’s a judgment trompe l’oeil “Which the head of Pastef and mayor of Ziguinchor received yesterday, estimates the communist daily Humanity. Less than the required sentence, and more incrimination of rape on a minor, but enough to ruin the presidential future of the main opponent of Macky Sall. “ Now out of the race, it is highly unlikely that Ousmane Sonko will stop there », warns The They.

And indeed, the reaction from the street was quick. As noted Le Figaro« shortly after the announcement of the verdict, clashes broke out in several districts of the capital. Violent clashes between demonstrators and police were underway near Cheikh-Anta-Diop University on Thursday afternoon, as well as in several suburbs of the capital. They killed nine people in total in Dakar and Ziguinchor. In the Cité Keur Gorgui, where Ousmane Sonko lives, the police used tear gas canisters », signals Le Figarodevoting an entire page to this Senegalese news.

Ousmane Sonko? It is the opponent which electrifies Senegal “, formula The cross. As the Catholic daily states, ” one year before the presidential election, President Macky Sall maintains uncertainty about his candidacy for a 3e mandate and met with strong opposition ».

France, zero driving

Also on the front page, France’s public accounts and disappointments, pending a possible downgrading of its rating by the Standard & Poor’s agency. Not without some angst. After that – bad – inflicted by the rating agency Fitch, in April, it is indeed the turn of the main global rating agency, Standard & Poor Global, to sanction or not France. If this is the case, it would be a snub for the Borne government. In the event of deterioration, French borrowing interest rates would increase. But those at 10 years are already at their highest for eleven years.

And this morning, Le Figaro brandished “the threat of degradation”. As this daily notes, France has been “in chronic deficit for half a century (…) its debt has been soaring for years at a rate unknown elsewhere in Europe. In front of Brussels as in front of the agencies and the markets, she systematically broke her word”, deplores Le Figaro.

Boom! When your engine is booming

Another threat, on Renault this time, that of the so-called “motorgate”. In other words, an upcoming joint criminal complaint by many customers against the French car manufacturer. According The Parisiannext Monday, June 5, “ several dozen owners of Renault, Dacia and Nissan cars (the other alliance group) will file a criminal complaint against Renault Group and Nissan before (a) criminal court ».

Among other incriminations, this newspaper lists: “aggravated deception, deceptive commercial practices (…) fraud, destruction, degradation and damage dangerous to people, endangering the lives of others” . Don’t throw any more!

In causes, presumed, ” overconsumption of oil, premature wear and, in the most serious cases, breakage of the 1.2 TCe engine, this petrol unit fitted to 400,000 vehicles (…) In France, 133,050 cars are potentially affected “, assures this daily, citing the models Renault Captur, Clio IV, Kadjar, Mégane 3, Scénic 3; Dacia Duster, Lodgy; Nissan Juke, or even Qashqai.

The Parisian publishes a confidential document from Renault in which an expert report evokes an engine failure leading to a “fusion of valves”.

Solicited by The ParisianRenault Group points out in particular that “ 93% of customer cases identified in this file have already been taken care of »…

Echos off

… Subject whose daily life The echoes don’t pipe a word. And for good reason, it did not appear. The editorial staff of the economic daily is indeed on strike for 24 hours. In a press release, its Society of Journalists considers that the guarantees of independence of the newspaper have been weakened since the departure, two months ago, of the editorial director, and considers that the management of the group empties the agreement of its substance. independence signed at the end of 2007 between it and the owner of the Les Echos-Le Parisien, the French beauty products giant LVMH. In Le Figarothe CEO of Echos a you Parisianto whom the editorial staff of the economic newspaper asked to open discussions, said that he deeply regretted this 24-hour strike.

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