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Gaetano Mineo

He is in the front line so that on Saturday everything works and the mask does not become “a gag for democracy”. As manager of the Fratelli d’Italia organization, Giovanni Donzelli is grappling with social distancing and safety devices because in Piazza del Popolo, on July 4th, more than 4820 people will not be able to participate in the center-right demonstration «Together for Italy of Work ».

«Of course, it’s not an easy situation, as we can’t know how many people will want to come to the square. And if there are so many citizens angry with the government, it is certainly not the fault of the opposition », says the deputy of the Meloni party. A single entrance from via del Corso and exit from Piazzale Flaminio. Quoted entrances with people counter and temperature measurement, all with faceplate and, moreover, no party symbol.

Mrs Donzelli, everyone in the square on Saturday to say what?
«Meanwhile for the job. There is a need for work, work, work. But also to defend the will of citizens who are not listened to by anyone. Faced with an extraordinary economic difficulty that we are facing, after a health emergency, the people, the citizens themselves, should democratically choose the path to exit the crisis. Instead we find ourselves in front of a government, the result of an agreement not presented to the voters, a government that quarrels internally, which does not have a unitary vision of how to get out of this economic crisis, and which consequently the only solution would be to present the various “recipes” to the voters and whoever wins then puts it into practice. Basically, we are convinced that the time has come to send the Conte 2 government home and give the Italians the floor ».

When are you thinking of giving this “shoulder” to the government?
«The right moment is certainly the election day. On September 20 all Italians can go to vote, there is also the occasion of the referendum. As well as there is the initiative of Fratelli d’Italia and that sees a collection of signatures online to send this government home. I remember that our Head of State has the power to dissolve the Chambers when these do not represent the will of the Italian people. But I also hope that in the coming weeks the Italians themselves will help us to make the government, the majority, the President of the Republic and individual parliamentarians understand that they want to vote on 20 September for new Parliament and government “.

Prime Minister Conte asks for collaboration from the oppositions and the oppositions denounce that Conte does not listen to them. A pantomime that seems to have no end.
“But the prime minister pretends to offer his hand. Otherwise we would have helped him, regardless of our party interest: the nation comes first, compared to the faction. Instead, Conte continues to think about his personal things, to do favors for friends of friends and never for a moment for the good of the country. Not to mention his press conferences to increase his political visibility. Announcements of decrees that did not exist at the time, even creating panic in certain cases. An objectively revolting cynicism ».

Various measures have started since yesterday: personal income tax bonus, holiday bonus, etc.
«They paid and involved I don’t know how many consultants to make a lot of mistakes and the choices that were enough to ask a neighbor. One for all: anyone who encounters on the street knows that hoteliers need liquidity. Instead, the government gave birth to a bonus that actually asks the hoteliers for liquidity, which is responsible for paying the discount for citizens that the state will then compensate when the hotelier pays taxes. Madness! ».

In the light of the interceptions on the Mediaset ruling that involved Silvio Berlusconi, how does Fratelli d’Italia line up?
«We want the whole truth. We are convinced that it was not only a judicial but also an economic coup, see spreads and smiles between Merkel and Sarkozy behind Italy. Because at that moment, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi represented Italy. Let’s not forget that Berlusconi’s was the last government that corresponded to the will of the voters. Since then, only “palace” governments have been born: Monti, Letta, Renzi, Gentiloni, Conte 1 and Conte 2. So it is more than legitimate to shed light on dark events that have distorted the life of the country and of the Italians themselves ».



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