In the star Star: András Stohl as Margit Bangó

András Stohl The Queen of Songs, hiding in the skin of Margit Bangó, sniffed a huge darling on the stage In the star Star 8. on his Sunday live show.

András Stohl as Margit Bangó (Source: TV2 /
Star in the star – video)

András Stohl’s production was a huge success among the jury, Attila Kökény even threw a kiss to the masked actor Margit Bangó.

We present András Stohl’s presentation:

The jury rated the production of the 55-year-old actor at a maximum of 40 points. And they were just amazed at how unrecognizable Stohl had been disguised.

“Gone, András Stohl himself is not on stage! (…) This brilliant! Where is Bandi ?! We do not know” Said the presenter, Tilla.

“What I liked best was that you really disappeared here now. We just didn’t see where Buci was. (…) Stay that way! There will be a lot of haknid ” Attila Kökény told András Stohl.

“I haven’t seen a more sensational disappearance this season. It’s something quite fantastic. “ Papp Szabi praised.

“It’s a huge patch for mask masters! The biggest change so far. You speak here in the voice of Andrew Stohl, but I do not know if you are for sure. Amazing!” – Ramóna Lékai-Kiss flooded.

Featured image source: TV2 / Star Star video

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