In the Star Star !: Peti Marics stabbed a huge injection needle in the thigh of András Stohl, who limped through the performance.

The Doctor of Love was performed, but even blood flowed from his feet.

Sunday night In a star In a star! at the end of the show it turned out that the Britney Spearsként performer To Krisztián Zámbó must leave the show, but before the results of the public vote were announced, Zámbó performed a joint production Marics Petivel and With András Stohlwith whom the UFO band members hide in the skin of the Doctor of love was sung.

During the song, Stohl lay down on a table where Maric, who had played the doctor, stabbed Stohl in the foot with a huge injection needle with such force that the actor specifically squeezed in pain, then squeezed his thigh until the end of the performance, which began to bleed. Let’s just say that didn’t stop Stohl from stopping singing, though he limped a little, but he did it all the way through.