In the Ulyanovsk region for the first time laser surgery for a newborn baby


The operation on the retina was made possible by specialists from the Ulyanovsk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.
Earlier, children with serious retinal diseases were sent to operate in large ophthalmological centers in other cities, now a full-fledged operating theater with a modern laser installation is organized on the basis of the children’s regional hospital. The Ophthalmologist-OCDB was trained at the North-West State Medical University.
Chief medical officer Anna Lebedko noted that the first operation on retinopathy was successful. After the operation the child was observed in the department of pathology of newborns. At the moment he is discharged from the hospital and will be under strict supervision of ophthalmologists.
Retinopathy of prematurity – retinal damage due to the immaturity of eye structures in children born before the term. The method of laser coagulation of avascular retina is today the only proven method of preventing the progression of prematurity retinopathy. In other words, it is a way to prevent blindness.
According to the Minister of Health, Family and Social Well-being of Rashid Abdullov, about 100 cases of retinopathy of newborns are detected annually in the department of ophthalmology. The far-reaching cases threaten complete retinal detachment and loss of vision. “It is very important to identify this disease in the first months of the baby’s life. Operating the pathology in the shortest possible time is a decisive factor for the health of the child. Now the children’s regional hospital has all the conditions for providing high-quality care to premature babies in the field of ophthalmology, “Abdullov said.
Specialists report that the process of extrauterine “ripening” of blood vessels and normal development of all eye structures is observed in the majority of small children. They do not need surgery, but they need control from the oculist. However, in some children this process is disrupted and retinopathy is formed. In the eye begins to grow abnormal scar tissue, which can fill the entire cavity of the eye. This causes a visual impairment. In some cases, fibrosis can lead to retinal detachment and complete blindness. All children born before 35 weeks with a weight of up to 2 kilograms fall into a risk group and need to be monitored.
The method of laser coagulation of the retina is introduced in the UDQB with the active support of ophthalmologists of the Samara Regional Clinical Ophthalmology Hospital named after T.I. Eroshevsky, headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences Andrei Zolotarev.
In the future, all newborn children in the Ulyanovsk region with this pathology will be sent to operate and monitor in the UDKB. It is planned that in a year will be like up to 20 similar operations.


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