In the United States began to lynch blacks in response to a hysteria of political correctness

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The situation in America is similar to the eve of civil war

If you run into aggressive activists of the Black Lives Matter movement (Black Lives Matter), you will be brought to your knees and forced to repent of what you have nothing to do with sleep or spirit.

“Extremes converge,” says old English wisdom. At the peak of the absurdity, ultra-right conspiracy theorists, Kukluksklanovites, neo-Nazis with swastikas on their sleeves, and their counterparts from the extreme left flank, are militant propagandists of universal repentance of white Americans to colored ones, advocates of the demolition of monuments to all presidents and generals who lived in politically incorrect times. The labels of “slave owners” and “racists” deserved even those of the great figures of the past, thanks to whom the black inhabitants of America ceased to be slaves – Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant.

The politically correct mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, supported the crazy idea of ​​demolishing the monument to Theodore Roosevelt in front of the Museum of Natural History due to the fact that on both sides of the equestrian statue of the president are figures of an Indian and a black (“racial stereotype”). And none of those smashing historical monuments recalls that they take advantage of the activities of this statesman who truly made America great – created national parks and secured unique natural sites, began to build the Panama Canal, created a powerful navy, and earned The Nobel Peace Prize for mediation in the end of the war between Russia and Japan, actively applied antitrust laws to protect the rights of ordinary citizens, achieved the adoption of laws on the control of the quality of food and medicine …

Political correctness does not recognize common sense. De Blasio and his City Council banned New York doctors from publishing any statistics showing the connection between the riots and the rising incidence of COVID-19: this is not politically correct.

The City Council in Minneapolis voted to “rid” the city of the police and replace it with something unintelligible, which “will be closer to the population.” The population immersed in the anarchy of the city, the prospect of life without a police, to put it mildly, did not cause much enthusiasm.

In Seattle, where protesters seized the center of the city, including the city hall and police station, and declared this territory an “autonomous zone,” the authorities tried to regain control of the “zone”, but its defenders closed the barricades with their bodies. They were not thrown into avtozaki, but left alone. Meanwhile, residents of the “zone” began to file lawsuits against the city authorities for their unwillingness to restore order. Crime has sharply increased in the “zone”, people are calling 911, and they are told that the police do not go to this area – the mayor forbade …

Recently, I talked with a friend of the Englishman about the pseudo-politically correct atrocities of the raging blacks (not in terms of skin color) that occur in the British Isles. The acquaintance, a liberal intellectual pensioner, spoke of the need for “balance”: Churchill’s monuments should not be destroyed, he was still a great statesman, but signs should be hung on them, “on which Churchill’s racism will be explained.” I tried to object: I think we must abandon the assessment of past figures from the perspective of today — they lived in other times, when other laws and moral principles acted. Winston Churchill was a product of his era.

The products of their time were also George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, who are now branded as “slaveholders.” They lived in the XVIII century in a slaveholding society and belonged to its elite.

And how does the monument to the ruler of Russian settlements in North America, Alexander Baranov, who they now want to demolish, “insult the feelings of indigenous peoples” in Sitka, Alaska? This city was founded by Baranov in 1799 under the name Novoarkhangelsk. Yes, at that time the natives were not appointed, as now, as chiefs over white people. Yes, then the indigenous people of America did not yet have their “sovereign nations,” as they are today. But it was 200 years ago!

Therefore, I told the Englishman, it would be better for statue breakers to get acquainted with the history of their country – if at school they did not receive the necessary knowledge for an adequate assessment of historical figures. The Englishman did not agree: it is necessary, they say, to yield to offended, deprived, uneducated. But have mercy! They have been inferior to them in everything for a long time, they have privileges for admission to study and work, university departments and museums have been created throughout America to study their cultural heritage. What, incidentally, cannot be boasted, for example, of Americans of German descent – the largest ethnic group in the USA (49.2 million people versus 41.3 million African Americans), as well as the second largest ethnic Irish people (35.5 million), descendants of the British (26.9 million), Italians (17.5 million), etc.

A good thing is respect for the rights of minorities, the creation of benefits for them. But the trouble is when they begin to help those who have weaker starting positions in life by limiting the rights of the “more privileged” majority, destroying the social institutions that have been created over the centuries, moral principles, and social wealth. This direct road to hell was so thoroughly paved with good intentions that now, it seems, it is no longer possible to turn off it. “Thank you” to liberal politically correct liberals of the West — creative and scientific intelligentsia, politicians from left-wing parties. They fail to achieve global equality and harmony, but they manage to worsen life in their countries.

“Thank you” for the fact that Harvard University cancels the results of the SAT (American analogue of the exam) as a criterion for admission of applicants. There is no doubt that other elite universities, the pride of America, will follow this politically correct initiative. Tomorrow there will be completely underestimates from city ghettos, which were previously accepted only to municipal colleges.

“Thank you” for “reverse racism” in relation to Asian applicants with brilliant academic results who are not credited in order to accept unsuitable for studying at an elite university, but having the “correct” (dark) skin color of young people. The lawsuit of the parents of Asian applicants was unsuccessful – this is not discrimination, discrimination occurs only in relation to “black and brown” …

Newton’s third law states: “There is always equal and opposite opposition to action …”. That is what can be observed today in America. There are those who are trying to fight back the destructive actions of the Black Lives Matter, carried out under the guise of “the fight against racism.” This movement was born in 2013 and is still considered (even on the left flank of American politics) prone to extremism. The Democratic Party did not recommend that its functionaries and activists deal with the Black Lives Matter. Now it is on the mainstream.

Whole Foods, a chain of health food stores, sends home those workers who wear a Black Lives Matter mask on their faces. But it happens much worse. In Wisconsin, four white men set fire to a mulatto – with burns, she was hospitalized. In California, African Americans were found hanging in trees in two places; several other attempts to lynch blacks were stopped in different cities of the United States.

The police, who were made an all-American scarecrow and are trying to strip normal police powers, in response to ceasing to do their job. In the midst of robberies and atrocities in Chicago, 13 police officers retired from sin away to a secluded place and rested there – dozing, eating popcorn … The city has a record number of killings, shooting incidents.

The situation in America is similar to the eve of civil war. Everywhere there are clashes of opponents and supporters of Trump. In large cities, the enlightened white population submits to “racism the other way around” and joins black protests. In the outback, armed to the teeth, “rednecks” (poorly educated and politically incorrect white hard workers) are preparing to fight back …

President Trump, whom they love, tweeted one of his supporters the slogan “White power!” (“Power is white!”). Trump has disastrous ratings four months before the election, but he speaks in advance of their illegitimacy – they say that the dark forces want to “steal their choice from the people,” that is, not to give them a second term. Trump is clearly not going to peacefully transfer power. This is a constitutional crisis, it really smells of civil war in the air … And in the background the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic is gaining strength.



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