At the age of 49, American jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove died in New York, reports The New York Times.

The musician died at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. According to the publication, the cause of death of the musician was a heart attack. In addition, Hargrove for the past 13 years, due to kidney problems, could not live without dialysis.

The death of the musician was confirmed in his Instagram by DJ and multi-instrumentalist Amir Khalib Thompson (alias Questlove)

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The Great Roy Hargrove. He is literally the one man horn section I hear in my head when I think about music. To watch him harmonize with himself stacking nine horn lines on mamouth 10 mins songs RARELY rewinding to figure out what he did. Or not even contemplating what the harmony was (this is up there with Jay Z never writes his rhymes territory) —-like you can hear an incomplete Dangelo song once—-like an 11 min song—-and then in 20 secs you know the EXACT SPOT ON line to bob in and weave out?!!!! I know I’ve spoken in every aspect of Soulquarian era recording techniques but even I can’t properly document how crucial and spot on Roy was with his craft man. We NEVER gave him instructions: just played the song and watched him go —-like “come back in 45 mins I’ll have something” matter of fact now that I think of it —-I was so amped to put handclaps on @Common’s #ColdBlooded @JamesPoyser and i didn’t even take proper time out to approve what he worked on, it was like I already knew. So when you hear us SCREAMING/laughing at the 1:51 mark (me/com/d/rahzel/james) that’s us MIND BLOWN at another #Game6 esque performance from Roy. And all that stuff towards the end? We just reacting in real time to greatness. Such a key component. And a beautiful cat man. Love to the immortal timeless genius that will forever be Roy Hargrove y’all. #RoyHargroveRip

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Hargrove was born in Waco, Texas, in 1969. The first album released in 1990. He twice won the Grammy Award: in 1998 and in 2002. The fame of the musician was brought to R & B singer D’Angelo and Mama’s Gun by singer Erika Badu in the Voodoo albums.


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