Photo: Carl Russo / The Eagle-Tribune

In the American cities in the state of Massachusetts there were 70 gas explosions, which led to fires. About it reported in the state police account on Twitter.

"It's too early to speculate about the causes of what happened. After the stabilization of the situation, a joint investigation will be conducted, "- reported police.

Reuters notes that gas explosions occurred in the north of the state, in the cities of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover. In areas where there was a smell of gas, people were evacuated. At the same time, the police urged residents, whose homes are serviced by Columbia gas, also to leave them.

As the agency notes, the company began an investigation of the incident with the pipeline, which caused explosions in three districts. Fire service Andovera suspects that the explosions occurred because of the "excessive pressure of the gas pipeline."

According to Reuters, there are six people in Lawrence's hospital. According to the Andover administration, as a result of the bombings in the city, three people were injured. In the middle school of Northern Andover the temporary residence of evacuated residents was organized.


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