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In the US, the number of victims of tropical storm "Florence" increased to 13 people

In the American states of North Carolina and South Carolina, the hurricane Florence, which weakened to a tropical storm, killed 13 people. This is reported by the ABC television channel.

According to the television channel, among the dead were a 41-year-old woman with a seven-month-old child, whose house was hit by a tree. Her husband was injured and taken to the hospital. Also among the victims – a 78-year-old man who died from electric shock when trying to connect two wires in the rain, an 81-year-old resident who died from a head impact during an evacuation, as well as a 77-year-old man whose death came from a heart attack.

As reported by ABC, heavy rain in the states will be delayed at least for the weekend. According to local officials, residents need more than a hundred districts.

There appeared a video of the hurricane "Florence" that hit the USA


It is noted that on the eve of the hurricane a mandatory evacuation was announced, but many people preferred to stay in their homes. "Honestly, I do not understand why some residents refused to follow the evacuation instructions. Maybe it's such a way of thinking: "We've gone through this more than once," said David Cotton, representative of the North Carolina Onslow County administration.

Earlier, 11 victims of the hurricane Florence were reported. Because of the disaster in the states of North and South Carolina, as well as in Virginia and Maryland, the state of emergency was introduced, the same measures were taken in Washington. The National Hurricane Center of the USA warned that "Florence" could affect about 10 million people.


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