In the video…a specialist reveals the reason for the high prices of coffee in large cafes…and a surprise about the profits of talk-shop coffees

Al-Marsad newspaper: Abdullah Al-Sudais, a pioneer in the field of coffee, revealed that the advantage of coffee shops in small neighborhoods and alleys is that their cost is almost non-existent and their profits are high, pointing out that rent greatly affects prices when establishing any coffee shop.

Al-Sudais said during an interview with “Al-Youm” program on “Al-Ikhbariya channel” that opening a large cafe shop will lead to a huge failure by 90%, but small cafes that are less expensive achieve large profits, adding that establishing a cafe in a small neighborhood today is compared to large coffee shops.

Al-Sudais added that opening a cafe in a small neighborhood with simple appliances and quality cups may cost 200 to 300 thousand riyals, but compared to large cafes, the cheapest cafe reaches 900 thousand riyals or more.