In the video, Moodle Rose cries and reveals the reason for her being forced to leave America after years, and she fears that she will not be allowed to return again

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Snapchat celebrity and model Moodle Rose revealed the reason for not leaving America for years.

Rose said that the reason is that she obtained a visa from America, pointing out that America issues a visa in the form of paper without affixing it to the passport.

He added that her former lawyer advised her to return to her home country in order to prove the “visa” through the American embassy in Saudi Arabia, and when she contacted the American embassy in the Kingdom, they told her that they could not issue her a visa from Saudi Arabia, which forced her to be stuck in America.

She added that she learned by chance from one of her friends that she can install the visa from any US embassy in any country.

Model Rose, affected and crying, continued that the information was a shock to her, explaining that many opportunities and offers were missed because of her misunderstanding.

And she continued that she wanted to confirm the visa from other embassies, but the consular offices told her that the Corona procedures would prevent her and stipulated that she be from the same country.

She explained that she decided to take a risk and leave America and travel to another country to install the visa on the passport and return to her previous life.