In the video, Turki Al-Faisal reveals how princes are brought up, the sciences they study from childhood, and a state from which they took some curricula

Al-Marsad newspaper: Prince Turki Al-Faisal revealed how princes are brought up, stressing that it is like the upbringing of any other individual.

And “Al-Faisal” said during his meeting with Sami Al-Jaber on the “That” program: He instilled in us this feeling that there is no difference between an emir and someone who is not an emir.

He continued: As for the curricula, the school adopted a curriculum from one of the famous schools in Egypt in terms of mathematics, social sciences and history, and there was a focus on Islamic sciences such as interpretation, hadith, monotheism and other branches of traditional Islamic education, and of course the focus on the Arabic language.

He continued: There were school-time activities, speech clubs, and families of scouts were distributed in the school, and all school children were affiliated with these families, whether in sports or reciting poetry and other activities that brought together students in their spare time, and there were times for studying.