In the Vladimir region, the epidemic threshold for influenza and SARS was exceeded by 18%


VORONEZH, April 16 (Itar-Tass) – RIA Novosti. Epidropog incidence of influenza and SARS in the Vladimir region as a result of last week exceeded by 18%, reported on Monday the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor.
A week earlier the epidemic threshold was exceeded by 35.3%. According to the department, over the past week in the region about 11.2 thousand cases of influenza and SARS registered, of which almost 6.6 thousand – in children.
“The incidence rate is 80.7 per 10 thousand of the population, which is 18% higher than the epidural threshold,” the report said.
In particular, the excess of thresholds is registered in the age group up to 2 years – by 2.7%, in the age group from 3 to 6 years – by 5.6% and in the age group from 15 years – by 39.2%. Influenza epidemics are exceeded in 26 regions of Russia
In Vladimir, about 3.8 thousand cases of the disease are registered, among them almost 2.7 thousand – in children. Epidropog in the regional center is exceeded by 5.4%.
Excess of the average regional incidence rate is noted in Vladimir, Murom, Melenkovsky, Kovrovsky districts of the region.


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