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in the world of Thomas Pesquet

Jamy and Eglantine experiment the training sessions of the French astronaut.

By Catherine Pacary Posted today at 16h00

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From left to right: Thomas Pesquet, Jamy and Eglantine Eméyé.
From left to right: Thomas Pesquet, Jamy and Eglantine Eméyé. CNES / SÉBASTIEN ROUQUETTE

France 3, Monday, April 15 at 9 pm, magazine

After twenty years of programming, France 3 stopped in August 2013 "It's not rocket science", co-hosted by Fred and Jamy. Nine months later, the latter took the reins of the "World of Jamy", big quarterly production able to be played in "premium". A successful bet that since attracts an average of 2.4 million viewers per edition and confirms Jamy Gourmaud in his status as the first scientific popularizer of television. By inviting the no less popular astronaut Thomas Pesquet for a special broadcast, the channel is targeting cardboard.

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Smiling, approachable, always ready to take a selfie from the International Space Station (ISS) in which he stayed more than six months, from November 2016 to June 2017, Thomas Pesquet contributed to the renewed interest of the general public for the conquest Space. He extends his mission here by sharing his daily life with Jamy and his partner, Eglantine Eméyé. Extreme trainings, didactic plans, anecdotes and adventures follow one another, in joy and rigor. "Keep your mood and your confidence" in all circumstances is imperative, says the astronaut.

"Planing" sessions

For their first test, Jamy and Eglantine board the famous Zero-G, the only plane in Europe able to simulate the state of weightlessness (and not weightlessness). What is less known is that to get there the Airbus must be in free fall – a position it can only hold for twenty seconds – before the pilot lifts it and … starts again, about thirty times. Only seven pilots in France succeed this maneuver, including Thomas Pesquet. See this plane fall literally impresses.

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In padded cabin, Jamy and Eglantine alternate sessions "planing" and phases crushed on the ground by gravity. A tough test … At the end of which we understand why the NASA equivalent plane was nicknamed the Vomit Comet.

From air sickness to seasickness. To practice spacewalks, astronauts dive equipped with a heavy diving suit at the bottom of a swimming pool where reproductions of sections of the ISS are based. Eglantine sticks to it, and goes back exhausted after two hours. Jamy has reserved the best, the centrifuge test – a dream!

In Bordeaux, Toulouse, Cologne or in the desert of Utah, these experiments ultimately have one goal: Mars, where the man – Thomas Pesquet? – hopes to set foot before the end of the 2030s, that is tomorrow.

Jamy's World. head in the stars, by Laura Miret and Mathieu Duboscq (Fr, 2019, 130 min).

Catherine Pacary

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