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In the World of Warships appeared Soviet ships, which exist only on the drawings

Wargaming has announced that update 0.8.3 will be released today at World of Warships. It will provide early access to the branch of Soviet battleships.

From today, players can take part in the daily competition "Victory". Having taken one of the parties (Honor or Glory), when defeating an enemy, users receive allowance tokens that can be exchanged for Soviet Lazo level VII premium cruiser and Victory camouflage. Or Lutbox, which can be one of the four Soviet battleships. Every day tasks for the winning team will be more difficult, but also rewards more valuable.

Among the eight Soviet battleships will be "Peter the Great" (V level), "Sinop" (VII level) and "Vladivostok" (VIII level), which were never built – existed only on the drawings. "Ishmael" (VI level), who also appeared in the game, was launched, but not completed. Unlike other ships in the class, these ships are heavily armored, armed with powerful guns and more effective at small and medium distances.

In World of Warships, you can find both existing equipment and the one that was only on paper. To reliably design the latter, Wargaming turned to the Central Naval Museum of St. Petersburg and the state archives. Drawings of the project 23 “Soviet Union” battleship (IX level) were found, for example, in the State Archives of the Russian Federation in the fund of the USSR Defense Committee. The kit was used only once – to show Stalin in the Kremlin with the official approval of the project in 1939. Due to the old age of the document, Wargaming had to restore the drawing – redraw.

The documents of the battleship of the project 24 "Kremlin" (level X) are still classified. Its development was conducted in the middle of the last century. To create a reconstruction project, Wargaming had to master a large amount of information and select information about the project 24 bit by bit.

In addition, two new ships and fifteen unique commanders, inspired by the popular characters of the mobile game Azur Lane, appeared in World of Warships. Fur designer Makoto Kobayashi (Makoto Kobayashi) drew camouflage for the Japanese battleship level X Yamato.

World of Warships is a shareware MMO action for PC.

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